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Medicaid enrollment in Kansas

Medicaid enrollment

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Definition and Source



Medicaid Enrollment is the average monthly enrollment of children under age 19 in Medicaid. The average monthly number is the mean of the 12 monthly enrollment numbers calculated at the end of a calendar year.

Data Source

Data are provided by Kansas Department of Health and Environment. 


The current number represents the average monthly enrollment number for calendar year 2019. The trend represents the average monthly change in the number of children enrolled in Medicaid for calendar years 2015–2019. Medicaid income eligible children are those who live in families with income <150% FPL if age under 1, <133% FPL if age 1-5, < 100% FPL if age 6-18 before 2015. Starting 2015, the new income cutoffs are income <172% FPL if age under 1, <150% FPL if age 1-5, < 114% FPL if age 6-18 in Kansas. The definition of family size is different between American Community Survey and Kansas Medicaid, which may lead to a different income to poverty ratio result for a household/family by the two programs. In 2014, Kansas Medicaid income eligibility criteria did not change and number of children in poverty decreased, yet the Medicaid enrollment increased.  One reason may be the easier application process aligned with the marketplaces. Starting FY2016, the income eligibility for age 6-18 changed to 133%, resulting in the CHIP to Medicaid (M-CHIP) conversion. Number of children enrolled in Medicaid increased in CY2016 due to the "M-CHIP" conversion, when CHIP children age 6-18 between 113%-133% FPL were converted to Medicaid coverage. The 2018 number of children enrolled for Allen County was irregular and KDHE did not have a good explanation.  Therefore, the number is not reported. 

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