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Children present at domestic violence incidents in Delaware

Children present at domestic violence incidents

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Why This Indicator Matters

For many, the home is a sanctuary; a place of love, safety, security and shelter. Unfortunately for some, it can be a place of fear and violence. Witnessing or being the victim of domestic violence can have profound emotional, developmental and physical consequences for children. The extreme to which the child experiences these consequences can be related to the frequency and severity of the violence, the time elapsed since the event and the child's personality. According to the American Bar Association, many children, victims and witnesses of domestic violence exhibit signs of post traumatic stress disorder. Symptoms may be directed outward and can include inability to sleep through the night, bed wetting and temper tantrums, or they may be directed inward and shown by the child being shy or withdrawn. School age children who experience domestic violence tend to have poor academic performance, are absent frequently and have health problems.
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Definition and Source



Based on fiscal year; percent of children present as a percentage of all domestic violence incidents

Data Source

Delaware State Bureau of Identification

Last Updated

February 2024