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Teen victimization by grade 2015-2019 in Delaware

Teen victimization by grade 2015-2019

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Why This Indicator Matters

Students were asked if they'd been victimized in the past month.

Research shows that support, coordinated community connections and adult accountability are essential for youth. Young people want relationships with the larger world. They need to know they are valued and they need guidance and support from both their family and their community. An asset such as family or peer support provides youth with high levels of love and emotional support.
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Definition and Source



Data Source

Delaware School Survey. Center for Drug and Health Studies, University of Delaware


Since 1995, the Center for Drug and Health Studies at the University of Delaware has administered an annual survey to public school students about alcohol, tobacco and drug use. The Delaware School Survey is an annual survey of 5th, 8th and 11th grade public school student in Delaware. This study is the continuation of a survey that was first administered to Delaware students in Spring, 1989. Since 2004, the Delaware School Survey has been jointly sponsored by the Delaware Legislature through the Delaware Health Fund and Prevention Block Grant funding. It has become a valuable tool in assessing trends of questions on school behavior, health habits and parental interaction. In recent years, the study has shown an increased interest in safety, parental involvement, educational needs and healthy lifestyles

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