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Population by age group, gender and race/ethnicity in Delaware

Population by age group, gender and race/ethnicity

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Why This Indicator Matters

Data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the Delaware Population Consortium provide a picture of the population of the state of Delaware, its counties and cities and the nation. Demographically speaking, we are much less of a child centered society now than we were 100 years ago.
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Definition and Source



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Data Source

Delaware Population Consortium, Population Projection Series


Estimates thru 2009 include gender dis-aggregation only. Beginning in 2010, race categories of black/white were dis-aggregated and available. Additionally, city data for Wilmington, Dover and Newark added in 2010. Beginning in 2012, race/ethnicity categories of black/white/other/Hispanic dis-aggregated and available. Race/ethnicity for Dover and Newark are not available in any time frame.

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March 2024