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Low birth-weight births by race and ethnicity in Texas

Low birth-weight births by race and ethnicity

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Definition and Source



Number of infants born weighing under 5.5 pounds (2,500 grams), by race/ethnicity of mother. Percentages are share of births that are low birthweight within each racial/ethnic category. For example, what percentage of births to White mothers was low birthweight? What percentage of births to Hispanic mothers was low birthweight?

Data Source

Texas Department of State Health Services.


"LNE" indicates that the number of low birthweight births in the specified racial/ethnic group is 1-9 or the percentage is based on a count of 1-9 and is not publicly available to prevent the potential identification of individuals. "NA" means the data is not available because the county had zero total births (this applies to King and Loving counties).

Last Updated

January 2022