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Students passing STAAR Algebra I by economic status in Texas

Students passing STAAR Algebra I by economic status

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Number and percentage of high school students who passed the Algebra I STAAR end-of-course examination who were classified as economically disadvantaged or not economically disadvantaged by the Texas Education Agency.  The percentages for economically disadvantaged and non-economically disadvantaged are calculated separately (e.g., of the economically disadvantaged students who took the test, X% passed). Thus, you should NOT add across the two groups to calculate a total passing percentage. Please see our overall STAAR data for that number. 

Passing rates are based on Level II: Satisfactory Academic Performance standards at the final Recommended phase-in.

For a list of the school districts counted in each county, visit
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Data Source

Texas Education Agency


"LNE" = Low Number Event. A LNE occurs when the number of children is masked by the reporting agency because it is so low that revealing the number could potentially identify a specific child.

"NA" = Not Applicable. No students attending school in this county took the exam. 

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January 2022