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Asthma (rate per 1,000) in Kansas

Asthma (rate per 1,000)

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Number of hospital discharges for asthma (ICD9CM:493xx for FFY2015 and before and ICD10:J45.* for FFY2016) for children age 0 to 17.9 per 1000 population under 18.

Data Source

Kansas Hospital Discharge Data


Childhood Asthma inpatient diagnosis is considered as one of the avoidable or preventable hospitalization.  There has been a slight but persistent decrease in Kansas in the past five years. There was a notable drop in asthma hospitalization since 2015,  the decrease may be related to the recent change in indoor clean air regulations. Starting FFY2016 (Oct 1, 2015), services must be coded with the new ICD-10 codes.   

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January 2022