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Births to teens age 15 to 19 by race in Delaware

Births to teens age 15 to 19 by race

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Why This Indicator Matters

The impact of teen pregnancy is widespread and far reaching across individuals and communities. Teen mothers experience limited opportunities compared to their peers who delay childbearing and as a result, they are more likely to drop out of school, live in poverty and rely on public assistance. Children born to teenage mothers are also likely to face numerous negative outcomes: they are more likely to have a low birth weight, experience health and developmental delays, have higher rates of infant mortality and be at an increased risk for abuse and neglect. Teenage parenthood has immense impacts on the community at large, including placing a financial burden on society due to lost tax revenue and increasing the costs of public assistance and child health care.
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Definition and Source



Live birth rate (births per 1,000) for females ages 15-19 by race

Data Source

Delaware Health Statistics Center

Last Updated

October 2023