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Children birth to 6 without health insurance in Puerto Rico

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Why This Indicator Matters

Children without health insurance are more likely to have a regular source of health care they can access for preventive care services, to treat acute and chronic conditions or to address injuries when they occur. Children without coverage are less likely than insured children to receive care when they need it. Although fewer employers provide health insurance, and most low-wage and part-time workers lack employer-sponsored coverage, public health insurance coverage has remained high for kids in Puerto Rico while it has been increasing in the United States during the past decade. Having health insurance can protect families from financial crisis when a child experiences a serious or chronic illness and can help children remain active, healthy and in school. 
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Definition and Source



These values represents the percentage of children under 6 years with no health insurance coverage, whether public or private.

These values include information about health insurance offered by a current or former employer, unions, directly paid, Medicaid, or any other kind of governmental assistant for people with low incomes or disabilities, TRICARE or other forms of military health insurance. These values do not include information on specific conditions such as cancer, long term care policies, and other types of insurance like dental, vision, life and disability insurance. 

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May 2023