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High School graduation state trends in Maine

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Why This Indicator Matters

Students who graduate from high school have higher wages, lower unemployment and are less likely to need public assistance than those who do not graduate. Education Pays

What the data shows
The 2023 state-level graduation rates are back up to previous levels, at 87.3%, after dipping to 86.1% in both 2021 and 2022. Between 2020 and 2021, the state high school graduation rate declined to the lowest rate since 2016. It stayed relatively steady between 2015 - 2018, with rates between 85.9% and 86.5% The number of students who graduated statewide in 2023 was 12, 167, the highest number since 2017.

Nationally, the graduation rate for the latest year available, 2021 was 86%, the same rate as Maine's rate that year.
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Definition and Source



The number and percent of youth who graduate in 4 years from public schools and 60% publicly funded private schools. The numerator is the number of youth graduating in the state in 4 years and the denominator includes the cohort of ninth grade students 4 years prior plus all transfers in and all transfers out.
For this calculation the denominator contains the cohort of all first time ninth graders from four years earlier plus all transfers into this cohort minus all transfers out (e.g. death, moving to another Maine school). The numerator contained only “regular” diploma recipients from the four year cohort. “Regular” diplomas include diplomas received by SWD students granted five/six years by their IEP, and Limited English Proficient (LEP) students granted five/six years as part of their documented Personal Learning Plans. These data represent graduates from public school as well as 60% publicly funded private schools. 

Data Source

Maine Department of Education data request.


Last Updated

March 2024