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Childcare benefits in Tennessee

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Definition and Source



Number of child enrolled for which the Tennessee Department of Human Services has official monitoring responsibility. Data relate to the children participated in the federally subsidized programs in a given fiscal year (July - June).

Data Source

Tennessee Department of Human Services. Kids Count division of Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth organized data.


A child may have enrollment through the course of a year in multiple counties.
For example, a child is enrolled from 5/1/2013-7/31/2013 at a provider in Maury county.
Same child is enrolled from 8/5/2013-9/22/2013 at a provider in Davidson county.
Same child is enrolled from 9/23/2013-10/20/2013 at a provider in Williamson county.
Same child is enrolled from 10/21/2013-11/15/2013 at a different provider in Williamson County.
In that case, this child would have been counted once for Maury, Davidson, and Williamson.

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September 2023