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Children ages birth to 8 receiving Family Independence Program (FIP) benefits in Michigan

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Definition and Source



The number of children ages birth to 8 in families active in the Family Independence Program (FIP) in December. The percent is based on the population of children ages birth to 8 in the prior year. Percents are suppressed with an "S" for counts fewer than 6 to maintain reliability. NA: Not Available;

Data Source

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Assistance Payments Statistics-Table 67. Special run for Detroit, Flint, and Grand Rapids data.


The percent for Flint, 2015 is not available due to a missing population estimate.

Multiple data requests to MDHHS for FIP city-level data have gone unanswered. Therefore, data for the cities of Detroit, Flint, and Grand Rapids are not reported.

Last Updated

February 2023