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Dropout rates in Mississippi

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District-level dropout rates are based on the cohort from [year] constructed using: students entering 9th grade for the first time at the beginning of the starting year for the cohort; students entering as 9th graders during the rest of that school year; students entering as 10th graders during the second year; students entering as 11th graders during the third year; and students entering as 12th graders the during fourth year. Graduation, completion, and dropout rate estimates for the full cohort of students begins with 9th graders in school year 2002/2003 for 2006 rates; 2003/2004 for 2007 rates; 2004/2005 for 2008 rates; 2005/2006 for 2009 rates; 2006/2007 for 2010 rates; 2007/2008 for 2011 rates; and 2008/2009 for 2012 rates. Data after 2012 uses the MDE accountability reports for rates.

Data Source

Mississippi Department of Education

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Updated April 2022.
NA: Not Available; S: Data Suppressed.
Rates for very small cohorts should be interpreted with caution. MS School for Math and Science and the MS School for the Arts are not included in the tables or maps. Agricultural high schools are not included in the maps.

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November 2022