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Children living in households with a high housing cost burden in North Dakota

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Why This Indicator Matters

Family income is only one factor of financial security; the cost of basic expenses also matters. Housing is typically one of the largest expenses that families face. Low-income families, in particular, are unlikely to be able to meet all of their basic needs if housing consumes nearly one-third or more of their income.

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Definition and Source



Children under age 18 who live in households where more than 30% of the monthly income was spent on rent, mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, and/or related expenses.

Data Source

PRB analysis of data from the U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey.


S - Estimates suppressed when the confidence interval around the
percentage is greater than or equal to 10 percentage points.

N.A. – Data not available.

Data are provided for the 50 most populous cities according to the most recent Census counts. 
Cities for which data is collected may change over time.

A 90 percent confidence interval for each estimate can be found at
Children living in households with a high housing cost burden.

Last Updated

April 2024