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Dropout rate in Maryland

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The number and percent of students dropping out of school in grades 9 through 12 for any reason, except death, before graduation or completion of a Maryland approved educational program and who are not known to enroll in another school or state-approved program during the school year. The year is defined as July through June and includes students dropping out over the summer and students dropping out of evening high school and other alternative programs. Students who re-enter school during the same year in which they dropped out of school are not counted as dropouts.
The dropout rate is computed by dividing the number of dropouts by the total number of students served in grades 9 - 12.

'*'  indicates no students or fewer than 10 students in category, or '*' indicates the percentage for the category is either ≤3 or ≥95 and the corresponding counts have been suppressed.

Data Source

Maryland State Department of Education

Last Updated

March 2023