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Children from birth to 18 enrolled in the Child Health Plan Plus in Colorado

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Definition and Source



Number of children enrolled in Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) per 100 children under age 19.

Unique Client Counts for Children with Child Health Plan Plus Eligibility in Fiscal Year

Data Source

Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing.


N/A:  Data not available 

Rate calculated by the Colorado Children's Campaign using population estimates from the Colorado State Demography Office for the calendar year for children ages birth through age18.  Note that the CHP+ numbers are for the fiscal year. 

Also note that the CHP+ estimates for 2009 onward were calculated using revised population numbers from the Colorado State Demography Office. Therefore, comparisons across years 2000-2008 and 2009 onward are not advised.

Important Note:  These numbers do not match official Health Care Policy and Financing caseload numbers; these numbers are much higher than those reported in caseload reports.  Caseload reports include the number of clients eligible during any given month by eligibility categories.  The numbers below include all children with eligibility at any given time during the fiscal year.  Since some clients lose eligibility and others gain eligibility throughout the year, the numbers below are much higher than the number of children being served during any one month during the year.  The numbers below also include children with disabilities included in the Aid to Needy Disabled category of the caseload reports; these children are not included in the low income child category of the caseload reports.

Last Updated

January 2023