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Teen births in Oklahoma

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The standard teen birth rate comparison age range is 15-19 years; Rates are also provided for younger teens (ages 15-17) and older teens (ages 18-19).
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Definition and Source



Births to Teens includes the number of live births, with rates representing the average annual number of births for every 1,000 females in each age range. Rates for this age group are not reported and are represented by "." These data are reported by place of mother's residence, not place of birth. 

Data Source

Birth data is collected from the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH). Population data is collected from the U.S. Census Bureau's Population Estimates, updated to estimate the population of young female teens for each year in each age group.


The state total may vary from the total of all counties since the state total may include births for which the county of residence was unknown or may vary due to rounding.  Numbers and rates may differ from an earlier Oklahoma KIDS COUNT Factbook due to the availability of updated or corrected data.  If the total number of teen births is less than five, the data are suppressed for confidentiality purposes. County Numbers/Rates that are listed as "S" have been suppressed. 

Last Updated

June 2024