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Youth under the supervision of the Office of Juvenile Justice in Louisiana

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Definition and Source



Number - children in custody or under the supervision of the Office of Juvenile Justice, including youth in secure or non-secure custody, as well as those on probation or parole. 
Rate -children in custody or under the supervision of the Office of Juvenile Justice per 1,000 youth ages 10–20.

These data do not include youth in the adult criminal justice system. Data also do not include youth who are served by parish juvenile courts that operate their own probation and parole systems (Calcasieu, Caddo, East Baton Rouge, Jefferson and Rapides).

Data Source

Agenda for Children's analysis of data from the Louisiana Office of Juvenile Justice (formerly the Office of Youth Development), by special request, National Center for Health Statistics. Postcensal estimates of the resident population of the United States for July 1, 2000-July 1, 2009, by year, county, age, bridged race, Hispanic origin, and sex (Vintage 2009). Prepared under a collaborative arrangement with the U.S. Census Bureau; released June 20, 2010, and 2010: U.S. Census Bureau, Census 2010, Summary File 1.


Data reflect the population count for September 1 of a given year, and thus do not represent the total number of children who may have been under OJJ supervision in a given year.

Statewide data are larger than the sum of data from all parishes because a small number of youth under the supervision or in the custody of the Office of Juvenile Justice are "out of state" youth.

LNE (low number event) - a value of fewer than 5 events or a rate based on fewer than twenty events and thus is not reported as a numerical value.

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