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Children age 3 to 4 enrolled in preschool or Transitional Kindergarten by race/ethnicity in California

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Definition and Source



Data are suppressed under the following conditions 1) The margin of error is 5 or more percentage points (plus or minus) 2) The margin of error exceeds the point estimate (percent) 3) The weighted universe is zero. Estimates are based on a survey of the population and are subject to both sampling and nonsampling error. Margins of error are based on unrounded point estimates.

Data Source

Data provided by the Population Reference Bureau through a special request, representing the Population Reference Bureau’s analysis of the 2009-2013, 2014-2018, and 2016-2020 American Community Survey for 3-and 4-year-olds enrolled in school. Numbers and percentages are rounded to the nearest whole number.


Last Updated

January 2024