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Children ages 1 to 2 with elevated blood lead, confirmed by venous in Michigan

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Definition and Source



The number of children ages 1 to 2 confirmed to have a blood lead level of greater than or equal to five micrograms per deciliter (≥5 ug/dl).  A venous test is used to confirm an elevated blood lead level.

The percent is based on the number of children tested for lead.

Data Source

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program


Data for 2014-2018 were revised on 9/24/2019. Due to this change, data for 2014-2018 should not be compared to prior years.

Department policy requires all counts between 1 and 5 to be suppressed. Percents are suppressed if there were fewer than 6 children for statistical reliability purposes.

NA: Not Available; S: Data Suppressed.

Last Updated

July 2023