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Kindergarten readiness in Alaska

Kindergarten readiness

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Percent of children entering kindergarten who consistently demonstrated all thirteen goals or most of the goals (11 or 12) that define kindergarten readiness. This indicator is stratified by Alaska Public Health Region.

The Alaska Developmental Profile is an observational tool administered by teachers to all kindergarten students at the beginning of the school year. Although first-grade students who were not assigned ratings in kindergarten are also rated, the percentages in this report include kindergarten students only. Teachers are encouraged to complete a profile for each student during the first four weeks of the school year. Teachers provide a rating for each student in 13 goals within five domains (physical health and well-being, social emotional development, approaches to learning, cognition and general knowledge, and communication language and literacy). A student "consistently demonstrates" a goal if they are generally able to demonstrate the indicative skills and behaviors of the goal 80 percent or more of the time.

Data Source

Alaska Department of Education and Early Development.

Regional analysis excludes smaller school districts with unreliable or unstable statistics.
**Results from the Alaska Developmental Profile are not available for the 2020–2021 school year because of challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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April 2024