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Poverty by race/ethnicity in District of Columbia

Poverty by race/ethnicity

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Poverty status in the last 12 months, inclusive of all ages
American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates, Table S1701

Data Source

Updated December 2023


Note that because of the way Census reports race/ethnicity, the "Hispanic" category can include people who are also in one of the other non-white racial categories (e.g. if someone identifies as both American Indian and Hispanic they will be counted as part of both groups, but if they identify as both white and Hispanic they will only be counted as Hispanic). This means that the total percentages may add up to more than 100%.

Because these numbers are based on a sample of District residents, versus an exact count, in some cases the margin of error is too high too report. Cells above listed as NA reflect groups for whom the margin of error is bigger than half the size of the estimated value (e.g. if the estimated value is 500, the margin of error is 250 or more).

Last Updated

December 2023