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Tobacco use during pregnancy in Hawaii

Tobacco use during pregnancy

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Percentage of mothers who reported smoking cigarettes during the last three months of pregnancy

Data Source

Citation: Hawaii State Department of Health, Hawaii Health Data Warehouse, Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System, Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug Use, Cigarettes - Smoked last 3 months of pregnancy. Hawaii Health Data Warehouse: Accessed on June 28, 2023.

Technical Note:
N/R - The estimate is not reported because the statistical stability is identified as "unstable" (where the Relative Standard Error (RSE) - the standard error expressed as proportion of the point estimate - is between 0.30-0.50) or "very unstable" (RSE is greater than 0.50) by the Hawaii State Department of Health. Problems with statistical instability typically occur when there is a small number of health events in a small population. 

Data for the years 2017, 2018 are not available.

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June 2023