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Unemployment rate (annual average) in Hawaii

Unemployment rate (annual average)

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Why This Indicator Matters

Employment matters for individual well-being and economic security.1 Being unemployed can make it difficult for people to meet basic needs and can also lead to changes in physical and mental health, and in family dyanimcs.2

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Definition and Source



Unemployment Rate is the number of unemployed as percent of the (civilian) labor force (annual average)

Data Source

Hawai‘i State Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, Research and Statistics Office, Unemployment Rate/Labor Force Estimates, Current and Historical Labor Force Estimates and Unemployment Rates, 1976 - present

Technical Note:
The unemployment rate used here is not seasonally adjusted and is the annual average. Once each year, labor force estimates are revised to reflect updated input data and new Census Bureau population controls. Unemployment rates for previous years may be revised as necessary.


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