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Native-born and foreign-born owner-occupied housing in New Mexico

Native-born and foreign-born owner-occupied housing

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Definition and Source



The percentage of native-born and foreign-born New Mexicans who own the housing they occupy.

Data Source

U.S. Census, American Community Survey, 1-Year Estimates, Table S0501.


Nativity is not the same as immigration status or citizenship status. While all who are native born are U.S. citizens, those who are foreign born can be immigrants (documented or otherwise) or naturalized U.S. citizens.

County-level data available by request.

New Mexico state-level data typically are from the American Community Survey 1-year estimates. As a result of COVID-19 data collection challenges, the 2020 New Mexico state-level data are 5-year estimates and not comparable to other years.

Last Updated

November 2023