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School Finance - Revenues by source in Pennsylvania

School Finance - Revenues by source

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Why This Indicator Matters

Pennsylvania’s system for distributing education aid has been rated by some surveys as one of the most regressive in the nation. As such, a funding adequacy gap arises largely because Pennsylvania is not paying its fair share. This past year, the commonwealth ranked 46th in the percentage share of education costs covered by the state. On average, states across the country cover 45% of school funding costs, but Pennsylvania’s contribution to education funding is only 37%, among the lowest in the nation. As a result, Pennsylvania schools are overly dependent on local revenue which has lead the wealthiest school districts to spend 33% more on each student than its poorest schools district; the worst inequality gap in the nation. That means lost opportunities for students residing in poorer school district to participate in valuable science, technology, and math programs; receive enough personal attention from their teachers due to growing class sizes; get extra help when they need it; have access to up-to-date books and technology; or participate in vocational training and extracurricular activities.
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Public school revenues by source (local, state, federal, other) are provided as a percent of total revenues.

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January 2024