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Average ACT composite scores in North Dakota

Average ACT composite scores

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Definition and Source



This indicator represents average American College Testing Program scores of graduating public high school seniors in respective geographic areas. ACT scores are designed to predict a student’s potential for success in college. The highest possible score one can obtain on the ACT exam is 36.

Data Source

Data from 2019-present: North Dakota Department of Public Instruction
Data from 1999-2018: ACT, Inc., Department of Program Evaluation and Institutional Research Services, Research Division.


NA - Starting in 2019, data is suppressed if the number of students taking the ACT (denominator) is less than 10 or no students took the ACT in the geography. Prior to 2019, data was suppressed if only one public high school was represented by the geography or when there were no ACT-tested students in the graduating class.  
GEOGRAPHY - Data reflect the location of the public high school, not the student's place of residence.
DATE - Public high school graduating class of reference year.
NOTE: A law passed by the 2009 North Dakota Legislative Assembly requires high school juniors to take the ACT or the WorkKeys assessment (i.e., a job skills assessment system measuring "real-world" skills that employers believe are critical to job success). The first test under the mandate was in April 2010, affecting the 2011 scores.

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