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Poverty - children ages birth to 17 by household structure in Michigan

Poverty - children ages birth to 17 by household structure

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The number represents the 5-year average, ending in the year listed, of children ages 0-17 who live in married-parent, single-parent, single-parent:mother, or single-parent:father households that are below the poverty level.

The percent is based on the average population birth to 17 for that period living in their respective family structures. (e.g., the percentage of children ages 0-17 in married-parent households in poverty is based on the total number of children 0-17 who live in married parent households). 

Data Source

American Community Survey Table B17006 


Children are determined to be in a married-parent household if the head of household is married. Children living with cohabiting adults that are not married, even if one of those adults is a parent, are considered to be in single-parent households. 

Time comparisons with 5-year estimates is best done without overlapping the years. For example, comparing 2018, 2019 and 2020 5-year estimates is not ideal since the 2020 estimates include 2019 and 2018 in their data estimates. Better to use something like the 2020 5-year estimates compared with the 2015 estimates, since they do not include any overlapping years.

NA: Not Available; S: Data Suppressed

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