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Low birth weight by race/ethnicity in Hawaii

Low birth weight by race/ethnicity

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Definition and Source



Percentage of infants whose weight at birth is less than 5.5 pounds (2500 grams) by mothers' race/ethnicity

Data Source

Citation: Hawaii State Department of Health, Hawaii Health Data Warehouse, Birth Data, Infant Birth Weight, Percent of low and very low birth weight infants (less than 2500 grams) by Mothers' Race/Ethnicity. Hawaii Health Data Warehouse: Accessed on March 1, 2023.
Technical Note:
Mother's residence birth geographies (state or county) include babies born in Hawaii to mothers who were residents of Hawaii.
N/R: Not reportable. The estimate has been suppressed by the Hawaii State Department of Health because the observed number of events is very small (between 1 and 9) and not appropriate for publication, or it could be used to calculate the number in a cell that has been suppressed.
Percentages for this indicator should not be compared to those listed in a similar indicator provided by National KIDS COUNT, which uses data from PRB analysis of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data: National Center for Health Statistics, CDC Wonder 2016-2020 birth data.

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March 2023