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Child care capacity, by type in North Dakota

Child care capacity, by type

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The maximum approved capacity for licensed facilities. Providers included in capacity are only those that are licensed by the state. Facilities that are registered by a tribal entity, self-declaration providers, and approved relatives are not reported here.

Licensed - Providers that are licensed by the state including Child Care Center, Family Child Care, Group Child Care, Group Child Care Home, Preschool Education Facility, and facilities with multiple licenses. Providers must be licensed if caring for 6 or more children (or 4 or more children under age 2).

Licensed School Age - Providers licensed for at least 19 children in a facility and offer services before and after school, and sometimes on school holidays and through the summer months. Some school age programs may be exempt from licensing if offered within a school district.

Data Source

North Dakota Department of Human Services, Early Childhood Services


GEOGRAPHY - Data reflect the location of the child care program. 
DATE - Data for 2022 is February 1. Data for 2023 is May 1 due to more accurate reporting from a new system. 

Last Updated

June 2023