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Children hospitalized for asthma ages birth to 14 in Michigan

Children hospitalized for asthma ages birth to 14

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Definition and Source



The three-year average number of Michigan hospital discharges of children ages birth to 14 with asthma recorded as the primary diagnosis in the year listed. The rate is the number per 10,000 children ages birth to 14. 

Data Source

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Epidemiology Services


According to the data source, “hospitalization rates calculated with a small number of events or population size are statistically unstable. They exhibit wide confidence intervals indicative of great variability. Data suppression rules are enforced so that the data presented are reliable.  For demographic or geographic subgroups where there is less than or equal to 20 hospitalizations or less than 5000 population, asthma hospitalization rates are not presented. In addition, to protect the identity of persons who have been hospitalized, counts of less than 5 are suppressed with an "S".

Last Updated

August 2023