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Child Care Subsidy - Enrollment in provider meeting high-quality standards in Pennsylvania

Child Care Subsidy - Enrollment in provider meeting high-quality standards

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Why This Indicator Matters

Nearly 205,000 children under age 5 need subsidized child care so their parents can reliably participate in the workforce and financially support their families. Child care provides not only peace of mind to working parents but an opportunity for young children to develop, grow and learn. Research indicates that access to high-quality child care increases the likelihood that children enter school ready to succeed and their parents remain employed.
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Definition and Source



Child care subsidies are available to low-income working families to increase the opportunity for parents to obtain high-quality child care for their children while they work.

High-quality is defined as those regulated child care providers with Keystone STAR 3 or 4 designation or certified by a Pennsylvania state government-recognized accreditation. The deciding PA state government agency is the Office of Child Development and Early Learning within the Departments of Education and Human Services.

Percentages represent total subsidized child care enrollments.

Child care providers serving only school-age children were removed from the analysis.

Data Source

PPC creates interactive maps with statistics by county, legislative district, and school district. Please go to for links to the maps and fact sheets.


NA = Not Available.

Starting in October 2018, OCDEL did not provide data for counts less than 11. In those cases, the percent of children in high-quality could not be calculated.

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