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Four-year high school cohort graduation rate in Montana

Four-year high school cohort graduation rate

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Definition and Source



This indicator represents the percentage of students in a cohort, adjusted for transfers in and out of school, district, or state, that graduate with a regular high school diploma within four years of the first enrollment in ninth grade. The denominator for the percentage is the cohort for that graduating class in respective geographic areas. 

A cohort includes the number of first-time 9th graders in the fall of a particular school year plus students who transfer in, minus students who transfer out during the next four school years.

Data Source

Montana Office of Public Instruction


GEOGRAPHY - Data reflects the school location, not the student's place of residence.
DATE - Spring of reference year.  
LIMITATIONS - Data are not reported for geographies where the number of cohort graduates is 5 or less. In these cases, NA is reported.

NOTE - Disruptions in school due to the COVID-19 pandemic, data for school year 2019/20 may not be directly comparable to other years.

Last Updated

February 2024