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Child Population by Race: After 2009 in Virginia

Child Population by Race: After 2009

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Definition and Source



Data Source

American Community Survey 5 year estimates.

FactFinder Tables:
B01001B: Black or African American Alone
B01001C: American Indian and Alaska Native Alone
B01001D: Asian Alone
B01001G: Two or more races 
B01001H: White Alone (not Hispanic or Latino)
B01001I: Hispanic or Latino


Last Updated: January 2021

* asterisk indicates number is below 10 and is suppressed for some years. 

NA indicates the data was not available

year refers to most recent year in 5 year estimate. 2016 is for data set 2012-2016 from, 2015 is data set 2011-2015, and so forth.

Last Updated

July 2023