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Families with related children below poverty in Wyoming

Families with related children below poverty

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Single-parent: a male or female householder who resides with related children under the age of 18 with no spouse present.

Married couple: two individuals involved in a formal or common-law marriage. As of 2013, married couple includes same-sex married couples.

Related Child: any child under 18 years old who is related to the householder by birth, marriage, or adoption 

The American Community Survey determines poverty status by comparing the householder's total family income in the past 12 months with the poverty threshold appropriate for the householder's family size.

Percentages represent the number of related children living below poverty with a single-father, or single-mother householder as a percentage of all children residing with a single-father, or single-mother householder.

Data Source

United States Census Bureau, American Community Survey (5-year estimates); Table B17010

Last Updated

December 2023