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Children in poverty in Vermont

Children in poverty

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Definition and Source



The estimated number of children ages 0-17 who are living in households with incomes below the federal poverty threshold. The threshold, defined by the U.S. Census Bureau, is updated annually and adjusted for family size.  In 2022, the poverty threshold for a family of two children and two adults was $29,678 and the threshold for one adult and one child was $20,172.  You can view poverty thresholds for other household compositions and other years here.

Data Source

U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey, Table B17001, 5-year estimates.  


Estimates are derived from survey data collected over five years.  For example, the 2022 estimate includes data from 2018-2022.  Estimates are best used to describe the five year time period rather than the single year of the data release.   The Census Bureau recommends using non-overlapping periods for trend analysis. 

Margin of error estimates are included in table B17001.

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December 2023