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Child population by sex in New Hampshire

Child population by sex

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Children under 18 years of age.

Data for years 2017 onwards is from the U.S. Census Bureau's 5 year estimates, whereas previous data is from 1 year estimates. In more recent years, not all New Hampshire counties were available in 1 year estimates. The U.S. Census bureau recommends against comparing 1 year estimates to 5 year estimates.

Data Source

2010-2014 Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Table PEPAGESEX: Annual Estimates of the Resident Population for Selected Age Groups by Sex for the United States, States, Counties, and Puerto Rico Commonwealth and Municipios, 1 year Population Estimates

2017-2021 Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Table S0101, American Community Survey, 5 Year Estimates, 2017-2021


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December 2022