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Students graduating from high school (4 year longitudinal) in Ohio

Students graduating from high school (4 year longitudinal)

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Definition and Source



The 4-year longitudinal graduation rate as reported by the Ohio Department of Education.

Data Source

Ohio Department of Education, Ohio School Report Cards. Extracted from


The longitudinal graduation rate places students into a cohort when they enter 9th grade. Each student is then tracked to determine whether they graduate within 4 years or are a non-graduate.

School districts were assigned to the county where their district office is located. 

In order to include summer graduates in the graduation rate calculation, the four-year graduation rate is lagged by one year so that the rate on the 2017 report card represents the Four-Year rate for the graduating class of 2016.

The year refers to spring of the academic year (ex. 2010 refers to the 2009-2010 school year). 

Last Updated

December 2017