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Habitual truancy rates in New Mexico

Habitual truancy rates

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Why This Indicator Matters

School attendance and academic success are positively linked. Students who are frequently truant are at serious risk of falling behind in school, having lower test scores and ultimately dropping out. This, in turn, can reduce employment and earning potential in adulthood.
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Definition and Source



A student is identified as a Habitual Truant when the student has accumulated 10 or more days truant. Both half and full day truancy are used by the PED to calculate truancy rates.

The time frames reflect school years (SY).

Data Source

Data prior to SY 2015–16 had been available at New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED) Fact Sheets, "Habitual Truant Students by District and School Type": Data for SY 2015–16 through SY 2020–2021 were obtained by custom data request from the NMPED. Data for all other school years were obtained at NMPED's public dashboard, "Annual State, Districts, and Schools Attendance Report":


Data reflect the number of habitually truant students enrolled in Charter, Off-Site, Public, and State-Supported schools.

Updated February 2023.

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February 2023