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Early Head Start and Head Start funded enrollment slots in Indiana

Early Head Start and Head Start funded enrollment slots

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Definition and Source



Number of funded enrollment slots for the Early Head Start or Head Start program.  (please see footnote for update)

Data Source

Indiana Family and Social Services Administration; Indiana Head Start State Collaboration Office


Please note that this indicator was previously (before 2010) called "# of Head Start/Early Head Start Participants."  While the number of slots per county represents how many children are being served, the actual number served throughout the year may be higher.  This is due to the fact that a child may move or drop out of the program and the slot opens back up and then is filled by another child on the waiting list.  

Totals include Migrant Head Start Program, which are available upon request.

Head Start data for SFY 2009-2010 contains slot information for Head Start and the Migrant Head Start Program together.

Data is for State Fiscal Year (SFY).

Last Updated

February 2022