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Prenatal care in Washington

Prenatal care

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Definition and Source



The number and percent of mothers who received prenatal care in the first trimester of pregnancy (month 1 through 3) and the number and percent of mothers who received no or late (month 7 through 9) prenatal care. Percent is given per the number of live births.

Data Source

The data used for this measure come from Center for Health Statistics, Washington State Department of Health (DOH), Birth Data. Data were retrieved on February 12, 2021 from

S: Data estimate has been suppressed. When the annual number of mothers who did or did not receive prenatal care was 10 or fewer, percent is not shown. Data presented here are annual estimates.


Data last updated in February 2021 by Washington KIDS COUNT.

DOH technical notes on measurement issues are available at

Last Updated

February 2021