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High school seniors graduating with a diploma in Hawaii

High school seniors graduating with a diploma

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Definition and Source



Percentage of public high school students graduating at the end of senior year with a diploma

Data Source

Hawaii State Department of Education. "School Status and Improvement Report" (SSIR), various years, various districts. Accountability Section, Assessment and Accountability Branch, Office of Strategy, Innovation and Performance, Honolulu, HI.

Technical Note:
Special schools (e.g., Hawaii School for the Deaf and Blind) and charter schools are excluded from the estimates due to missing data.

Education indicators based HI DOE data provided by the School Status and Improvement Reports (SSIR) are aggregated from the school level to county and state, which differs from the indicators based on data provided by the Trend Reports, which are aggregated from the complex level to the county and state. 





Last Updated

April 2023