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Child-abuse and neglect reports (substantiated child-abuse reports as a percent of total reports) in Nevada

Child-abuse and neglect reports (substantiated child-abuse reports as a percent of total reports)

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Why This Indicator Matters

A report assigned for investigation may contain several allegations . . . . Each allegation is substantiated or unsubstantiated. A report may result in some allegations being substantiated and some not . . . . A family may have more than one report during a reporting period. For example, There could be two children and two allegations on each child, and two parents. Both mother and father are alleged to have physically neglected both children, and to have provided inadequate supervision for each child. This generates a total of eight allegations in that the father has two allegations on each child (four) and the mother the same. If only the inadequate supervision were substantiated for one parent on one child, you would have one of eight allegations substantiated.  If one report contains two allegations and only one is substantiated the report is considered substantiated; however . . . . each allegation is investigated independent of the other and a determination is made on each finding.
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Definition and Source



Substantiated; the reported abusive or neglectful situation / incident is confirmed through the investigation / assessment or court process.

Data Source

Nevada Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Child and Family Services. 


The sum of counties may not equal the state total due to unassigned county reports.

Last Updated

April 2016