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Student sexual activity in Vermont

Student sexual activity

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The percent of students in grades 9-12 who reported ever having sexual intercourse.

Data Source


The Vermont Youth Risk Behavior Survey is a biennial, voluntary survey of students attending middle and high schools in Vermont.  The survey seeks to monitor trends in student health and risk behaviors.  The indicators as a whole reflect a broad definition of youth well-being.  Not only do the indicators monitor behaviors associated with negative health and psychological outcomes, but they also measure "developmental assets" - internal resources and skills, as well as community, school, and other institutional supports.  These assets foster the development of thriving young adults. 

Note: Prior to 2011, the survey was completed by students in grades 8-12.  In 2011, the survey split into a high school survey (students in grades 9-12) and a middle school survey (students in grades 6-8).  The data here represents students in grades 9-12 only who completed the survey and has been recalculated for years prior to 2011 to account for this change. 

State-level data for 1993-2013 is from the 2013 Full Statewide Report.  State-level percentages for years prior to 2013 were recalculated in 2013 and will differ from previously published percentages.  

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