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School enrollment by race or ethnicity in Washington

School enrollment by race or ethnicity

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Why This Indicator Matters

Disaggregated data is presented to provide a preliminary understanding of disparities by race and ethnicity. On its own, this data tells a limited story about the populations it represents. We encourage users of this data to engage with communities of color to develop a more accurate and meaningful understanding than these data allow.
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Definition and Source



Total students enrolled in K-12 public school system, disaggregated by racial/ethnic groups.

Data Source

Data for this measure come from the Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI).

Data were retrieved on February 6, 2021 from October Enrollment Reports at


Data last updated in February 2021 by Washington KIDS COUNT.

These data are from October 1 headcount enrollment numbers.

Race/ethnicity is self-reported by either students or parents/guardians. When students report more than one racial/ethnic categories, OSPI reports the category listed first. Therefore, the racial/ethnic categories are not mutually exclusive.

The sum of racial/ethnic categories may not add to exact 100% due to rounding.

Last Updated

February 2021