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Teen violent deaths (5-year totals) in South Dakota

Teen violent deaths (5-year totals)

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Why This Indicator Matters

This indicator is deaths caused by accidents, homicides, and suicides per 100,000 teens ages 15-19. As with child deaths, motor vehicle crashes make up the highest percentage of teen violent deaths in South Dakota.
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Definition and Source



Deaths from homicides, suicides, and accidents to teens ages 15-19 years during the five year time span.
The rate is deaths from homicides, suicides, and accidents per 100,000 teens ages 15-19.

Data Source

South Dakota Department of Health -


NA - Data not reported if there are less than 3 teen deaths.
NOTES - Confidence intervals are reported to capture the variability events and can be found here Teen violent deaths (5-year totals).

Last Updated

October 2023