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Suspension rate in Rhode Island

Suspension rate

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Definition and Source



The number of infractions and disciplinary actions per 100 students in kindergarten through 12th grade in Rhode Island public schools. Disciplinary actions include in-school suspensions and out-of-school suspensions.

Data Source

Rhode Island Department of Education.


Each reported year represents a school year. Total disciplinary actions is the number of incidents resulting in suspension - either in-school or out-of-school, or placement of the student in an alternate program. It does not reflect the total number of students disciplined because each student can receive more than one disciplinary action during the school year. Beginning in 2003, the suspension rate is based on the total disciplinary actions for the school district at all grade levels divided by the "average daily membership," as of June of the given school year. Previous years' suspension rates are based on the total disciplinary actions for the school districts at all grade levels divided by the total enrollment as of October of the given year and are available by contacting Rhode Island KIDS COUNT.

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July 2022