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Victims of child abuse and neglect - services required (percent of suspected victims) in North Dakota

Victims of child abuse and neglect - services required (percent of suspected victims)

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Definition and Source



When there are child abuse and neglect Victims in Cases Where Services Were Required, a) a high level of risk is determined to exist for the child(ren), and/or b) the family's needs are such that immediate service is required in order to lessen the safety risk. When it is determined that services are required, North Dakota Century Code requires a referral to Juvenile Court and a social worker (case manager) must be assigned to coordinate services.

The denominator for the percentage is the number of suspected child victims of abuse and neglect in respective geographic areas.

Data Source

North Dakota Department of Human Services, Children and Family Services.


NA - Data is suppressed where the number is five or less, or could be used to identify another geography with five or less.
GEOGRAPHY - Data reflect the location of the assessment. Data for McLean County in FFY 2016 and FFY 2017 include Mercer, McLean, Oliver and Sheridan counties (i.e., Dakota Central Social Services). DATE - 1996 through 2005 data reflect the Calendar Year (January 1 - December 31). Beginning with 2006 data, the numbers reflect the Federal Fiscal Year (October 1 - September 30). NOTE - In an effort to coordinate with federal reporting procedures, data regarding child abuse and neglect are now presented for the Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) (October-September) rather than for the Calendar Year (CY) (January-December). While trends are consistent between the two reporting procedures, please use caution when comparing FFY data (beginning with 2006 data) with CY data (1996 through 2005).  LIMITATIONS - Reports on child abuse and neglect from tribal lands are processed separately and are not included in these numbers.

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