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Population ages 65 and over in Maine

Population ages 65 and over

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Why This Indicator Matters

In 2022, Maine continues to be the state with the oldest median age in the country at 45.1 years, according to the  American Community Survey 1-year 2022 population estimates   While 8 states had more than 20% of their populations over age 65, Maine had the highest percentage of all states at 22.6%.

In 2022, there were approximately 302,420 people over age 65 compared to 249,306 children ages 17 & under. The high number of people over age 65 has implications for Maine's children and young adults. There are issues in finding younger adults to fill Maine's jobs. The state tax structure will have to take into account a relatively low number of working adults in the workforce at a time when the growing older adult population will need additional health and related services

What the data shows
While the number of children has increased very slightly by between 2019 and 2022, (+682 or 0.3%), the number of older adults increased by 17,155 or 6%.

At the county level, three counties, Cumberland, Knox and Sagadahoc Counties had increases in the population over age 65 at 8% to 9% in the 3 years between 2019- 2022, but every county saw an increase in people over age 65.

Comparing the number of children to the number of seniors in 2022, only Androscoggin has more children than older adults. Each of the counties of Aroostook, Hancock, Cumberland and York have at least 4,777 more adults over age 65 than children.

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The number of individuals ages 65 and older.

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October 2023