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School enrollment by school type in New Hampshire

School enrollment by school type

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Why This Indicator Matters

High-quality education is crucial to providing a strong foundation on which children's brains can develop. Research shows that a young child's brain development sets the trajectory for future success.  It is especially important for children facing adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), like domestic violence, abuse, neglect, or parental substance use, as they are more likely to have health and wellness problems later in life. Strong early intervention, such as enrollment in high quality early education programs, can stave off future negative consequences for children experiencing these toxic stressors. 

Beyond the early years, research also tells us that continued supportive environments in K-12 classrooms help children reach their full potential. When our children start off strong and are given the education that they need to thrive, New Hampshire's future is secure. 

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Data updated January 2023.
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